The first problem of the fashion industry is its overuse of chemicals. It starts as early as fiber cultivation. For example, cotton production uses 3% of the global agricultural land but 16% of all insecticides and 7% of all herbicides are aimed at protecting the cultivations. Plus, the level of phosphorus from fertilizers to our soils exceeds the safe limit by more than 220%.

Exhaustion of natural resources and energy

The same logic applies for energy use : fashion does not really respect natural cycles and resources.

Waste & overconsumption

The root cause of the two previous problems is waste & overconsumption. This is the most complicated issue to resolve since it will only be tackled with a durable and global change of mentality regarding clothing : we need to buy less so that manufacturers produce less (or produce better for that matter). Indeed, in 2015, 92.5 million tons of clothing were wasted : this represents more than 13kg/person. This is an average but we all know that some countries consume way more clothes than others. Plus, the vast majority of our clothing waste ends up in landfills : only 20% of clothing is collected for reuse or recycling.

Sources :

Pulse of the Fashion Industry by Global Fashion Agenda & Boston Consulting Group : 2017 & 2019 update



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