How brands used video games as a “catwalk” this past year?

What is gamification?

In marketing, gamification is a technique inspired, as its name suggests, by video games. Brands can use some specific video games’ elements that are popular amongst their potential customers, who almost fell as if they are playing a game while they are interacting with a brand. The elements include certain popular characters, scoring points, competition with others, etc… They not only make the experience more playful, but they adapt bringing together tradition and novelty.

New customer loyalty x Pop culture

The typology of luxury customers has changed in recent years and will continue to evolve, According to the 2019 rapport of The True Global Consumer Insight (Boston Consulting Group), in 2025, 50% of luxury customers will be millennials.

New communication areas

The pandemic obliged social distancing and brands had to think how to reach their already loyal consumers that wanted to be involved in everything their favorite brands were doing, but also newer clients such as millennials and Gen Z who have a great potential as future customers. In addition to a more classic Instagram post or a commercial, using video games features was then a great way to influence both audiences.

Another way to consume fashion

Who said gamers were not stylish and did not like fashion? No more clichés!



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