Céline Delaugère & Ethan Pierse from Scaleway discussed of Eva Engines’ mission and technology. Céline explained how Eva Engines wants to become the bridge between #AI and #Fashion to simplify the design process.

We hope you will enjoyed it as much as we do !

You have probably already heard multiple times that “fashion is the second most polluting industry, right after oil”…Whether you want to question the numbers or not, the fact is, fashion has an enormous impact on Planet Earth. If — like us at Eva Engines — you want to contribute to…

Artificial Intelligence is a controversial topic : seen as the future of technology by some or as the greatest threat to humankind by others, it is complicated to make an opinion for oneself. At Eva Engines, AI is at the core of our competencies. We have a great team composed…

Eva Engines

French startup at the heart of fashion & AI

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